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Yves Pouzet and Valentina Grez, with Vincent & François Pouzet-Grez
Cachapoal Valley, Chile
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Yves Pouzet and Valentina Grez, with Vincent & François Pouzet-Grez
VIa región
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+56 962 088 347
Cachapoal Valley
Tipaume is a small natural vineyard, in the Cachapoal valley, with the winery underground the vineyard, below the house. We founded it in 1996, and now our property and all products are 100% certified Demeter, since 2012. We produce around 12000 bottles of wines each year, Grez and Sous la Terre, which are fermented and aged in small clay amphoras, and Tipaume which is made in intégrales oak barrels. Our winemaking has a particularity as we conduct it at very low temperatures (below 10-12 ºC), with unusually long skin contacts (8 months for Grez & Sous la Terre, and 4-6 months for Tipaume), with fermentations that last throughout Christmas and even New Year, most of the years. We planted last year a native forest, especially with Quillay, and other species, with an emphasis upon biodiversity, as we observed that Quillay was very well integrated in our ecosystem (we had a few trees in our land since the beginning), and it could be used in the production of cosmetic creams, but also for its natural fungicide properties (borystop). Our forest will be exploited in a natural way, of course not cutting any tree, but using only the pruning material. We finally plan to introduce some animals, a few cows and sheeps, in the near future.

We're a small vineyard with ungrafted plants and no irrigation, plus an undergound winery in the middle of it. We produce around 12000 bottles per year: Grez and Sous la Terre (fermented and aged in small clay amphoras) and Tipaume (made in intégrales oak barrels). Our winemaking takes place at very low temperatures (below 10-12 ºC) with long skin contact (8 months for Grez, and 4-6 months for Tipaume). Fermentations last through Christmas most years. All our operation is fully Demeter certified.

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