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Campania, Italy
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About Masseria Torricella Società Agricola a rls

We are in the territory of the Municipality of Sessa Aurunca in the heart of Campania Felix and in
particular of the Ager Falernus that extended up to Capua. The land is located on the slopes of the
complex extinct volcanic area of Roccamonfina. The loose soils of volcanic origin are ideal for the
vineyard that since ancient times it has been cultivated here. These are the lands of Falerno the most
prized wine for the Romans.
The morphology of the territory allows for excellent climatic conditions with a good one thermal
excursion between day and night which obviously positively influences the quality of the grapes.
The proximity to the sea with its breezes is a further characteristic of the territory. The particular
soil-microclimate relationship, in which the chestnut and the Mediterranean scrub are able to touch
each other magically, a meeting point between sea and land, gives our wines unique and
unmistakable characteristics.
In these lands of volcanic origin at 280 meters above sea level, we have planted our vineyards of
Primitivo, Aglianico and Piedirosso for red wines and Fiano, Falangina and Traminer Rosa for
white wines.

During the time of the pandemic and the lock down, we never stopped, continuing the production and harvesting and obtaining the precious recognition of the Slow Wine guide.
The company covers about 22 hectares of which 5 are destined for vineyards while the rest are
destined for olive groves, wheat and legumes. The company completed the biological conversion
period in 2019, while in 2018 it began using biodynamic practices. We have created a rainwater
recovery system that we use in vineyard and olive grove treatments. According to the good rules of
organic cultivation we use the principle of crop rotation and the use of green manure for soil
We have chosen not to be a single-crop company, but with a differentiated cycle with production of
wine, oil, fruit, chestnuts, cereals and legumes and with autochthonous bee farms. All this to ensure
the ecosystem the biodiversity needed to achieve balance and have great quality in production and
We are certified organic with a CCPB certification body, while for biodynamic we are followed by
For the oenological consultancy in the vineyard and in the winery we make use of the collaboration
of Dr. Gennaro Reale of the group of wine consultants VIGNAVIVA while for the other
bureaucratic aspects we are followed by the agronomist Salvatore Martino.

The agronomic practices are inspired by the principles of organic and biodynamic farming and
chemical fertilizers and herbicides are not used.
For a correct management of the soils in autumn we sow a wide spread among the rows of oats,
barley, field beans, clover, mustard, vetch, horseradish this helps us to restore strength to the soil,
In autumn and spring we do a treatment with the preparation 500 and 501. The soil is regenerated
and revitalized through biodynamic methods and taking into account the lunar and solar phases. We
limit the production yields that together with the continuous growth of useful microorganisms
thanks to the exclusion of pesticides allow us to have high quality grapes that will give life to wines
of great expressiveness that tell the territory.
The use of biodynamic methods, is a return to the peasant practices of my grandparents and my
father, practices already familiar to them that allowed to maintain and increase the fertility of the
Only the grapes from the company vineyards with indigenous yeasts and without temperature
control are vinified in the cellar. At the time of manual harvesting of the grapes, only the healthiest
and most genuine grapes are selected, which allow natural winemaking.
We carry out a natural winemaking which means that a natural “accompaniment” of the
transformation of sugars into alcohol is made exclusively with indigenous yeasts, maintaining all
the natural set of aromas and flavors. In this way we want to obtain a wine that is the most faithful
expression possible of the vintage, of the terroir and of everything that has happened in the
vineyard. The work in the cellar is dictated by the climatic conditions of the vintage which, by
ripening the grapes, determines the fermentations and all the subsequent steps.
We vinify exclusively in amphora both in maceration and during the period of aging with very short
steel steps between one phase and another.
No fining, stabilization or filtration is practiced.
Our wines are sincere witnesses of an innovative and courageous choice at the same time: that of a
vinification according to nature in which the thrill of experimentation and the safety of tradition
find the right balance in a path full of enthusiasm and tenacity.
The 2019 vintage will be the first for the whites with Falanghina, Fiano, Traminer Rosa grapes and
a small quantity of Malvasia recovered from an old vineyard of about 1500 square meters.

Recovering an ancient tuff cave where we found traces of winemaking past preserving the
microclimate thanks to an accurate recovery we have created a unique place for winemaking and
wine refining.


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Technical Information

This grower-maker grows all their own grapes.

  • Size of their farm: 22 hectars (ha)
  • Size of farm under vine: 5 hectars (ha)
  • All grapes are dry-farmed. None of this grower’s vineyards are irrigated.
  • All grapes are harvested manually.
  • Average production of wine: 4000 (btl)