Masiero Gianfranco

Giulia Masiero
Veneto, Italy
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About Masiero

MASIERO was founded in 2000 on the hills between the Dolomites and Venetian plains, about 20 km. from Vicenza. It includes the Selva vineyard, at an altitude of about 430 m with volcanic soil, where we grow merlot and pinot noir grapes, and the Sant’Urbano vineyards, in the limestone terrain at an altitude 250 m. Our first vintage was VERDUGO 2006, only 3000 bottles of Merlot; from 2014 we start new project recovering ancient vineyard of autocton varieties of Garganega, tai red, chardonnay and pinot grigio Garganega, tai red, chardonnay and pinot grigio. We use biodynamic preparation to activate the life process in soil and plants. Our wines are the natural expression of their terroir; they do not contain any added substances and they do not undergo any chemical or physical treatment.


  • Certified Organic by BIOS s.r.l.

Contact Details

39 0445 960403

Via Chiarelli, 55
Trissino, 36070

Technical Information

This grower-maker grows all their own grapes.

  • Size of their farm: 10 (ha)
  • Size of farm under vine: 5 (ha)
  • All grapes are dry-farmed. None of this grower’s vineyards are irrigated.
  • All grapes are harvested manually.
  • Average production of wine: 20.000 (btl)