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Simone Ambrosini
Veneto, Italy
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Simone Ambrosini
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It all started with shoes that were too tight. Walking towards another direction. My name is Simone Ambrosini, I studied enology and viticulture and I worked for several wineries in Italy and abroad. In 2018 I stopped to make wine for the companies and I started to squeeze the grapes with my hands orchestrated by my ideas. Without land, without cellar and without tractor. I would say a perfect start. Through word of mouth I found half a hectare of vineyard on the Berici Hills in the province of Vicenza, my native land. I started to work it all by myself, a pair of boots, some scissors and my van that has turned into a tractor. Grapes are there, but the cellar? I knocked on the door of several wine producers asking to be housed and only a few weeks before the harvest I found a pier where to dock. From year to year, in fact, a wanderer from cellar to cellar. The first harvest started in 2018, it was fine. Actually, it went super well considering e various risks. Grapes treated only with copper and sulfur, harvested by hand in small boxes, spontaneous fermentation, zero chemical additives, a symbolic dose of sulphites and no filtration. Not to mention the contingencies and compromises adopted. All the wines, in fact, were born and grew up under the stars: for reasons of space the tanks have camped in the open, letting themselves be caressed by sun, rain, wind and snow. Indomitable indeed. Initially the wines had to be 2, but 5 came out, plus a sour beer fermented with must. Such was the hunger to create and explore that I did not contain my desire to create. In spring 2019 I rented 2.5 hectares of old vines in the village of Arcugnano above Lake Fimon; Indomiti begins to resemble a farm, the road is still long and the desire to walk is always there. It all started with shoes that were too tight. And now, really, shoes fit better.

Our vines and our feet trample the same land.
We are in Berici Hills where curious explorers have yet to arrive. The grapes grow only in the hills, cultivated in respectful agriculture. The wines are free to be themselves without chemical judgments. And then there’s us, rebel and wild like the wine we make.

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