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Domaine Lucci / Lucy Margaux

Anton Gerrard Van Klopper
Adelaide Hills, Australia
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I am a simple man and I am still amazed the we can plant a seed and it grows and we can eat its fruits, we can hunt and fish and be nourished by flesh and at the some table we can drink wine and feel civilzed. So I have spent my day studying and practicing these things. We like to hunt, fish and grow things for the table. A table without wine is a sad, so we make wine.
I have a small farm in Basket Range that has never been sprayed, however most for the fruit comes from vineyards rented and tendered by me and my friend Jasper. We have progressive converted all the vineyards to organic farming. The only machines in the winery/shed is a distemper, a press and a hand bottler, the wines are made in wood or ceramic and there is no heating or cooling or addition, the wines are just fermented grapes. In 2015 half the wines received a small addition of sulphur.


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PO Box 219
Basket Range, 5138
South Australia