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Vakhtang Chagelishvili
Kvemo Kartli, Georgia
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About Bolnuri

Bolnisi is a city in the country of Georgia, located in the southern part of country, 570 meters high above sea level. In 1818 The city was founded by German colonist families from Swabia. Their main activity was agriculture and one of the leading fields was winemaking. There are still remnants of the German past in Bolnisi. Cellars were taken into consideration while planning the construction of houses. It acknowledges the German influence in the village.
Our wine cellar is designed by the Germans as well. Here we have placed Georgian traditional earthenware vessels called Kvevri, which are used for the fermentation, storage and ageing of traditional Georgian wine. These Vessels, buried below ground in German Cellar, are merged traditions of Georgia and Europe.
Our family has been following viticulture and winemaking. We have started wine production in the bottle for three years. We have our vineyard area of 6,5 hectare, where three varieties of grapes are cultivated: Rkatsiteli, Tavkveri and Saperavi. We also have free 2 hectares of land where we are going to plant Georgian rare varieties. From Rkatsiteli variety we are preparing the wine with two types of method:
1 Mix of Georgian and European methods – Fermentation process is passed through a wooden vessel for a month and afterwards is aged in Kvevri.
2 Old Georgian Traditional Method – All stages pass through Kvevri.
Periodically we successfully participate in various festivals, exhibitions and competitions in Georgia. Our main purpose is to produce natural product based on old Georgian traditional methods of winemaking and export it to the international market.


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Kvemo Kartli