Piedmont, Italy
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About Azienda Agricola Curto Marco di Curto Nadia

I’m Nadia Curto and with my father, a young man of 83 years old, Marco we are producing wines in a very special place: le Langhe.

I come from La Morra and we have 4 hectares in Annunziata hamlet.

We produce the classical red wines like Dolcetto, Barbera, Freisa and Nebbiolo, but our main wine is of course Barolo. We are releasing  2 labels: Barolo la Foia, more classical, and Barolo Arborina , our cru.

Our style of production is craft and natural: in the field we use only natural manure for the soil, we don’t use herbicides or pesticides and the main job is done by hands.

From last year we have also started the process for the official organic certification.

Also in the winery we make the fermentation with spontaneous yeast, we don’t filter or clarify the wines and we don’t add anything else at the grape than a little sulfites: we bottling with around 40 mg liter of total sulfites.

I this way every wine keep different charatheristics of the vintage and is very challenging discover it!


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Fraz. Annunziata - Borgata Ciotto 59
La Morra, 12064

Technical Information

This grower-maker grows all their own grapes.

  • Size of their farm: 4 (ha)
  • Size of farm under vine: 4 (ha)
  • All grapes are dry-farmed. None of this grower’s vineyards are irrigated.
  • All grapes are harvested manually.
  • Average production of wine: 20000 (btl)