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Al di là del Fiume

Danila Mongardi
Emilia Romagna, Italy
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Al di là del Fiume
Danila Mongardi
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Emilia Romagna
Beyond the river ... there is a farm that believes in the passion between people, that believes in the power of the earth, who believes that between cosmos and roots there is harmony. Beyond the river there are people who are getting up every morning with the dream of a better future and who are abandoning what they have to invest time and energy on earth that we have borrowed from our children. We are trying to create a multi-functional body biodynamic agricultural with production , educational, recreational , artistic and treatment activities for human and environment welfare. In our farm from the beginning was put into practice biodynamic agriculture , following the principles that come from afar , but applied in a simple and criticism way. Cultivate the land without the use of chemicals is a lot but it is no longer enough we need a new way of looking at the earth , plants and animals: the principle of care. From this energy come three new biodynamic wines , a Albana, and two Barbera , which belong to our valleys and that were restored after they were grown and processed by our grandparents. The focus in the country is to try to have the grapes ripe, healthy and vital . In the cellar we just have to try not to spoil this miracle : we do not use yeasts or sulfur dioxide in wine-making, we do not use any kind of preservatives or additives during processing.

Passionate biodynamic advocates, Al di la' del Fiume produce three wines: a pair of Barberas and an Albana grown from vines originally cultivated by their grandparents. “The focus is to try to have the grapes ripe, healthy and vital - and to try not to spoil this miracle.”

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