Our 2012 Press Round-up

October 19, 2012

Below are a few quotes, thoughts, articles, blogs and programmes that showcased RAW WINE and the extraordinary artisan growers and wines that visited the Old Truman Brewery in Spitalfields last May.

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If ‘natural wine’ is a niche market, someone forgot to tell the crowd #rawfair post.ly/7NA7n

I thank everyone involved in luring me across the pond, but especially Isabelle Legeron, Master of Wine, passionate enthusiast for natural wines and the gracious visionary of RAW.

Something special was going on at RAW. Beyond the usual rancor around the definition of what natural really means and the dissonance around the qualities of excellence in wine.

To me, the fair was all about quality and diversity as a theme; discovery and conviviality as the tone.

It was a coming out party for Georgian and the lure of the kvevri but not as an embrace of the obscure. Far from it.

More a coming out party for hundreds of winemakers, many quite amazing, from established European wine regions like Tuscany, the Loire, Champagne, Rioja…most everywhere on the well traveled wine trail.

A festival spotlighting winemakers that are making palate stunning, intellectually stimulating and just great drinking wine everywhere…all Organic or Biodynamic in the vineyard, low or no sulfur, and varying degrees of sculpting in the cave.

The diversity of the winemakers in age and creed was striking.

Ever wondered why so many top TOP chefs have almost entirely natural wines on their lists?… Pure, unabashed tastebud titillation is what RAW is for. [It is] a brazen celebration of some of the world’s most creative and eclectic wines.

…weary, happy and buzzing from the obvious and infectious passion that these winemakers have for their wines. There really isn’t enough room to talk about all the wines that I tried, but suffice to say the thing that struck me about all of them is a definite complexity and sense of place. My feeling is that they will not be to everyone’s palate; after all, the majority of consumers sink bucket-loads of Pinot Grigio precisely because it doesn’t really taste of much. Natural wines do taste of something…That’s what makes them so interesting. And of course, the respect that is shown to the natural environment in the way that these wines are made is also worth celebrating. Which is precisely what RAW is all about – a celebration of nature, of craftsmanship, of passion and of course fine wine.

It was a brilliant venue streaming with light and bright white walls. There were so many producers there, I could only really scratch the surface but it makes me excited to try more

I have to commend Isabelle Legeron’s RAW fair for providing an admirably clear and transparent “charter” for all wines producers who were included in the fair. The natural wine movement could do with more of this transparency. The charter is reproduced on their website here. RAW actually went further, and listed, for every single wine exhibited at the fair, the total amount of sulphur dioxide  (Sulphites) and the organic or biodynamic status of the vineyard – whether certified or not, and for how many years. This is precious information, that finally allows interested parties (such as myself) to make accurate comparisons, rather than relying on what PR agencies, distributors or even the producers themselves will try to get away with (not) telling you. And of course, this information is virtually NEVER on the bottle.

The venue was superb… the atmosphere was fantastic with a real “buzz”. There were some great wines on taste too and all had their sulphite content displayed in the catalogue so the visitor could make their own informed judgements… the food available was delicious… and their beers were fantastique… All in all it was a really enjoyable fair, and also very productive…

To sum up: great fun, great people, great wine. I hope RAW happens again next year. I’ll be there. Come along too.

It is just so much fun and so instructive to talk to producers about their wine. I learnt a lot and it’s fantastic value for money. £20 for a whole day of wine. You even get a catalogue with details of all the producers and where you can buy the wines in the UK, if you can buy them.

RAW v LIWF, not a unification bout for a wrestling title but an opportunity to compare two events during a frenzied week of tastings.  As the sun finally arrived, East London became the destination for wine geeks from around the globe.

I know Isabelle from her fantastic TV shows… but [what she is doing with RAW] is certainly a big step forward… Every package of food or beverage in your local supermarket must have very detailed information on content, additives, preservatives … but not wine. In my opinion, this must change. We have the right to know whether it is a bottle of pristine wine we are just opening or an alcohol beverage, based on wine grape or – worse yet – its concentrate. Wines presented at RAW fair will carry all information about added (or not) sulfites or any other stuff or intervention… Thanks Isabelle!

Isabelle Legeron and her team succeeded in organizing a truly great event.

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