October 8, 2017


This story is part of MOLD Magazine: Issue 01, Designing for the Human Microbiome. There’s still time to order your limited edition copy here.

Natural wine is about preserving life from the vineyard, to the cellar and into the glass. I mean that quite literally—natural wines are full of life. If you’ve ever looked at wine under a microscope, it speaks for itself! Because life is fundamental to what makes natural wine so wonderful, you cannot have natural wine without organic farming and a vineyard that pulses with the living. Indeed, if a wine is made naturally but not farmed organically, in the end it is just a low-intervention wine and nothing more.

Because great wine is all about great agriculture, my book is predominantly about farming and real, practical stories. I want readers to inhabit the skin of an Italian producer who makes phenomenal homemade bread or a southern French lady who heals herself with plants. They’re not just winemakers—they’re real people with real philosophies that go far beyond wine. My book is as much about a way of living—a belief in life—as it is about wine itself. When you drink a great bottle of natural wine and when you eat food with provenance that has been produced with respect, you feel nourished in a way that isn’t possible otherwise.

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