Mouthblown Glasses for RAW WINE Vienna

June 13, 2014

As you begin preparing yourself for the marathon tasting of delicious natural, and organic and biodynamic low-intervention wines that will be RAW WINE Vienna this Sunday, we thought we would share exciting news that all the glasses you will be using are all mouthblown wonders by GABRIEL-GLAS.

Made from lead-free crystal, they are angular, ultra thin and light-weight (90 gram), and made by the same craftsmen that blow Zalto (even though they are less expensive). We caught up with wine critic Renè Gabriel (after whom the glasses are named) to find out more about the creation of his ‘one for all’ glass.

What was your motivation behind creating the glass?
It was my intention to create a glass for every day use and for every wine: well shaped, well sized, useful and durable. A favorite glass.

How did you come up with the design for your hand-blown wine glass?
It took 17 sample runs and many many tastings until we found the optimal shape and size! The first sample we came up with worked really well, not least because of Siegfried Seidl’s know-how [a fellow Austrian entrepreneur with whom René designed the glass]. The winemakers we showed it to were all very impressed. After that, it was about making little corrections – a bit on the shape but mostly on the balance of the glass.

What specific characteristics were you looking for when you designed it?
A small quantity of wine should be enough for a good tasting, this is paramount, and a ‘one for all’ glass needs to allow for the full enjoyment of any wine. So the functionality of the glass was very important.

Were there any limitations in the design?
Just that the size needed to be suitable und useful for those using it, while also being uncompromising in terms of enjoyment as it needed to work just as well for young as well as older wines. Basically maximal wine enjoyment was the most important consideration!

So, if you fancy having a try of them yourself, come along and join us at the Palais Pallavicini this Sunday.

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