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Information Experience Design & Natural Wine

May 14, 2015

By Caroline Claisse, IED Visiting Lecturer, Royal College of Art

Below are 5 works in progress featuring a few of the ideas & projects that you will be able to explore at RAW WINE this weekend. All the creations were born from ideas gleened reading around the subject of wine, and in particular from a talk-tasting on Natural Wine given by Isabelle Legeron MW at the RCA earlier this spring.


1 // Sam P Nguyen, Aroma++

In terms of tasting wine, scent, flavour and colours are three of the most important factors which combine to create a unique sensation. Aroma++ aims to deliver those experiences in an alternative way, a conventional wine tasting method. The project also questions the presence and function of glass in the process of drinking wine. In Aroma++, the glass ceases to exists and the process of drinking is transferred into an eating experience.

Wine is poured into a bottle, which is attached to an atomiser. The audience can spray the wine onto the edible paper and begin to consume it. They can also mix different wines together and try out different flavours. The experience is quite similar to a perfume sampling process in order to highlight the value of scent in the art of wine tasting.

Note: the edible paper doesn’t have any flavour and it’s edible, so it’s safe to consume and it won’t affect the taste of the wine.

2 // Sam P Nguyen and Jelka Kretzxchmar, Typsybots

Inspired by a few fail structures of drawing robots, I came up with the idea of Tipsybot. What if the robot get to taste the amazing natural wine ? They might be intoxicated, lose their balance and start to behave erratically.

The project deals with speculative artificial behaviour, quite a contradiction from the overall theme of “Natural”, but I want to emphasise on that difference to highlight the sensation of natural wine.

Suggested Models: There will be three Tipsybots (hopefully!), each will behave in a different way which resembles a drunk person’s movement ( imbalance structure, fail etc ). When the audience pull the wine into the Tipsybots, it will start moving (using non-contact liquid sensor) and then it will start to behave in a drunk manner. There will be a system for the wine to be dripping across paper scroll to create spontaneous canvas as well as illustrate the sensation of being under the wine influence.

3 // Alexandra Lang, Frozen Moments

Natural wine is about a fundamental farming and cellar philosophy of their growers who want to keep its making as less processed as possible. A strong ethics of transparency creates a relationship of trust between the winemaker and the consumer.

Through a minimal intervention, almost invisible and natural, Frozen Moments tends to reveal this relationship.

The screen shots immortalize the movement and reveal the unique colors of the liquid, allowing the drinker to experience it at a very different and visual level.

4 // Kate McLean, Nose-Feel

What colour does the aroma of wine evoke when you smell it? How does it feel when the odour molecules enter our noses? Subjective visualisations of the aromas of 6 natural wines. To read more about this project, check out Kate’s online blog charting her progress: Nose-feel’ (Painting with Chasselas) RAW WINE fair 2015

A drawing inspired by Ernesto Cattel's (Costadila) 280 slm...

5 // Thomas Gaylor, The Biodynamic Forecast

Inspired by the shipping forecast, I will create an audio forecast based on lunar movements.  The audience will be able to experience the forecast by listening to a wine glass that has been made into a speaker.

IED is an RCA programme about transforming information into experiences through design, encompassing data visualisation, installations and exhibitions, interface and experience design, making and hacking using a range of materials both physical and digital. The RCA project is being led by IED Visiting Lecturer Caroline Claisse, an award-winning creative practitioner and researcher working with museums and galleries internationally.

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