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Sake Selection by Ueno Gourmet

Stand Number: 5

UENO GOURMET is a leading supplier of premium sake in Europe with offices in Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. We convey Japanese gastronomic culture in Europe. UENO GOURMET imports only premium sake, shochu and high quality seasonings directly from renowned producers. All products are produced in a traditional way without additives and are imported temperature controlled.

UENO GOURMET offers consultancy and seminars for sommeliers and gastronomy. The founders: Yoshiko Ueno-Müller is SAKE SAMURAI (Ambassador of Sake Culture), Master of Sake Tasting and Sake Expert Assessor/NRIB, Jörg Müller is Sake Sommelier and Wine Consultant. They are members of the Sommelier Union Germany and of Slow Food.

Elyse Li is managing partner of JAPAN GOURMET (UK) Ltd and certified sake sommelier.

Kameman Brewery

Founded 1916 in Tsunagi, Kumamoto. The southern most sake brewery in Japan. Traditional brewering methods, selected rice varieties, and mineral rich water of the region are the key ingredients for unique products.

Kameman Shuzō is very conscious of environmentally friendly practices including organic farming principles such as rice duck farming [a method where ducks are freed in the rice fields, to let them eat the weeds and the bugs].

Kameman Red Rice Sake

Made of red rice. Very fruity and mild acidity remind of wine. Good pairing with vegetables and meat. Rice Polishing Rate 85%. Junmai.

kameman red rice

Amabuki Brewery

Founded 1688 in Saga. The Name Amabuki means „breeze from heaven“. Rice from the Saga region and the mild water from the Seburi mountain are brewed by a young generation of sake brewers. A special development of the brewery is flower blossom yeast. The brewery grows its own rice without using pesticides. The brewery is run by the Kinoshita family.

Amabuki Strawberry Blossom

This Junmai Ginjo sake is brewed with yeast originally found at strawberry blossoms. It has a fresh, mildly sweet taste which reminds of red berries.

amabuki strawberry blossom

Hanagaki Brewery

The brewery was founded 1733 in the beautiful old town Echizen Ono in western Japan. The source water of the city ist considered among the top 100 waters of Japan and is well suited for sake making. The 9th generation Yasuta Nanbu is using organic rice from local farmers and produces organic sake.

Hanagaki Natural Sake

This is viewed as best organic sake in Japan. Fresh aroma with notes from herbs and fruit. Appears restrained in the beginning and is growing sip by sip.

hanagaki natural sake

Fukuju Brewery

Founded 1751 in Kobe. The best sake rice and spring water are brewed carefully. The brewery is located in the famous sake village Nada in Kobe. Because of the high quality sake, Nada was already famous during the shogun period. The water is rich in minerals and generates a clear and powerful sake profile. The brewery is run by the Yasufuku family.

Fukuju Awasaki Sparkling

A lively combination of sweet and fresh flavours with fine sparkles from bottle fermentation. The low alcohol content and mild acidity are easily digestible. This is a Junmai sake, it is unfiltered and undiluted.

fukuju awasaki sparkling

Toko Brewery

Founded 1597 in Yonezawa, Yamagata. The company originally provided Sake for the use of the Daimyo (lord) UESUGI, who ruled in this local area. In addition, during the Edo period, the company was allowed to manufacture Sake even though prohibition laws were then in effect because the shortage of rice. Toko are growing their own rice following organic principles. The brewery is run by the Kojima family in 15th genration.

Toko Junmai Ginjo Genshu

Aroma of ripe apple, sweetness of rice, and the full body of Genshu (undiluted) lead to a fresh finish. Pure and fine Junmai Ginjo sake made from rice and water only.

toko junmai ginjo genshu

Rihaku Brewery

Founded 1882 in Shimane. The brewery is named after the great Chinese Poet Rihaku (chin. Li Bai, 701-762 a.c.). The family run brewery has high quality parameters and uses the best local rice from the region.

Rihaku Dreamy Clouds

This is a „nigori“ sake which contains rice particles. Fruity and nutty nose with tender acidity. Shake slightly before opening. This Junmai sake is unfiltered.

rihaku dreamy clouds

Kirin Brewery

Founded 1880 in Tsugawa/Niigata at the Agano river. Good rice from the nearby Niigata rice fields, sof source water and the snowy winters lead to a clean and tasteful sake. The name Kirin is given after a fable animal, which is considered to bring luck. It is a very small family run brewery.

Kirin Vintage 2017

A rich sake with great potential for aging. Reminds of Sherry. Can also be enjoyed young – pairs with fish or cheese. After aging it becomes darker and more intense. This Junmai sake is brewed with a high share of fermented rice and it is undiluted.