RAW WINE London, the artisan wine fair

11/03/2018 - 12/03/2018

Join us for our 13th edition of the fair (7th in lambent London). We’re back on the Strand and delighted to be hosting 150+ talented low-intervention organic / biodynamic / natural wine growers & makers.

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Trade Entry: this year we are charging a discounted price of £15 for the trade to help keep prices down for the growers & makers, many of whom are tiny outfits and don’t have large budgets to spend on foreign travel. We offer discounted trade tickets to all our other fairs (Berlin, New York and Los Angeles) and London is now following suit. The ticket price includes a copy of our very comprehensive guide (which lists information about every wine presented at the fair and takes months to put together), a take-home wine tasting glass and the opportunity to try hundreds of low-intervention organic, biodynamic and natural wines in central London! It will definitely be £15 well spent. We hope you understand why we have had to start charging for trade entry and that you continue to support us and the RAW WINE growers who attend.

For more information on tickets visit our ticketing and general information pages, as well as the FAQ pages.

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