Winemaker Dinner with Maximo Bistrot and Three Natural Winemakers

By Bliss Wine Imports
11/08/2018 - 20:00

If you are looking for an amazing event that best personifies the spirit of the RAW world, this is one to take a look at. Bliss Wine Imports Mexico and the World’s 50 Best Latin American Restaurants #20- Maximo Bistrot are proud to invite you to a one-time, limited, incredible wine dinner with three amazing natural wine producers.

To be set in the cozy confines of Lalo- the sister restaurant, this event will feature three guests: Johannes Zillinger, Manuel Moraga of Cacique Maravilla, and Bertrand Habsiger of Fattori di Caspri. A six-course menu will be presented tying together modern French cuisine with a Mexican twist and wines from Italy, Austria, and Chile.

More on each producer is listed below, we hope you jump on this early as reservations will sell out.

Johannes Zillinger learned early on from his father about the craft of organic winemaking, about viewing the vineyard as a habitat and protecting the environment instead of poisoning it. His father Hans turned to organic viticulture in 1983, two years before the Anti-freeze Scandal, and was one of its pioneers in Austria. When Johannes took over the winery and made it his own in 2013, he took it ever further and became Demeter certified biodynamic, starting a new chapter for the 350 year old winery.

Johannes is all-in on the philosophy of biodynamic farming. He even grows his own herbs for tea tinctures to use as treatments in his vineyards. The wines are all spontaneously fermented, lightly filtered, and minimally sulfured only at bottling keeping with the purity desired by the natural wine crowd. The difference with these wines are their approachability to the entire consumer base. Everyone can appreciate the cleanliness, flavor, and precision of this juice regardless of their interest in natural wines.

Manuel Moraga is the 7th generation winemaker at his vineyard. Yes, 7th generation! His ancestor was a conquistador that actually had a wonderful relationship with the local people who gave him the nickname Cacique Maravilla, wonderful leader. His Pais vines today are original, over 250 years old! Today Manuel still farms the land and makes wine in an old school way. In a time that natural winemaking is becoming popular, Manuel is just doing what he always has. Kind of like your mom who never left the 80s and now tapered jeans and leggings are back in style. The style is a little crazy, but awesome.

Very little is done in the vineyard. Minimally and organically farmed, not much pruning, no tractors. In fact the vines are so wild you can barely walk through the vineyard, let alone get a tractor through there! His Pais is bottled just before fermentation is finished giving the wine a slight fizz, the definition of the style of Pipeño. The moscato goes sulfur free and is delicious in a crazy, rustic, slightly funky way. Oh, we forgot to mention the seven generations of winemaking tradition in Manuel’s family going all the way back to the original planting of the Pais vineyard in 1740! These grapes are in fact grown on vines that are 270+ years old!

Bertrand Habsiger lives his whole life and makes all his decisions using biodynamic principles and in accordance with the biodynamic calendar. He picked out the property for his Fattoria Di Caspri winery over 10 years ago, when he was commissioned by a friend to go to Italy and make the most natural wine possible. What does “the most natural wine possible” even mean? Easy answer: No synthetic chemicals in the vineyard. No added yeasts. No acidification. No filtering. No additives. Nothing put in, nothing taken out. Organic. Biodynamic.

Bertrand is deeply committed to biodynamic farming principles including dedicated use of the Maria Thun biodynamic calendar. Being able to predict what the weather will be like in the growing seasons helps him decide how to prune in the early spring which is critically important. Vineyard treatments include tisane (hot water with herbs) and decoction (cold water with extracts). Bertrand’s no-till method (no tools penetrate the earth more than 10cm) means the earth is not disturbed. The goal is to make wines with personality and enjoy them with natural food and good people! If you have extreme natural wine accounts, ones that no wine can be natural enough for, this one will win them over.