Under one Roof at Ottorink Wine Bar

09/05/2018 - 18h00

ROCKET WINE & OTTORINK wine bar … Under One Roof

propose for the BERLIN RAW WINE WEEK a selection of different natural wines. From Pet Nats to skin macerated- amphora wine, we will show case wines from wine makers present at the RAW WINE as well as wines from winemakers who couldn’t make it this year, but wish however to share their work with you. Andreas from Ottorink wine bar will make sure to prepare you some special dishes for the occassion.

all week on the WINE MENU: a selection of wine from these amazing winemakers:

Alexander and Maria Koppitsch, Burgenland AU

welschriesling 2017

Dobra Vinice, Moravia, CZ

Creme de Parc National 2017

Veltlinské Zelené 2012

Milan Nestarec, Moravia-CZ

Gin tonic 2015

Miky maus 2015


The RAW Wine menu  at Ottorink will be on from 9th until the 15th of May.
Enjoy the RAW WINE week !