Slovenian Natural Wine Tasting with Domačija Butul @ Markthalle Neun

By Markthalle Neun
05/11/2018 - 18:00 - 20:00

Coming from the Slovenian part of the peninsula Istria the Butul family visits us again at the Markthalle Neun. This time Tatjana and Mitja will bring some of their fabulous Malvasia and Refosk Wines joined by some Slovenian delicacies to give us a small glimpse into the beauty of their Domačija. On their farm they grow wine in the style like their grandfathers did, make cheese and grow herbs among many other beautiful things. A place full of life, which spirit they will carry to Berlin for a weekend.

On the degustation they will serve you their macerated wines and a selection of some delicious slovenian Snacks.

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About Butul

“Grandgrandfather, grandfather and father always made macerated Malvasia. From my childhood I remember our grandfathers wine cellar with soil on the floor and sardinas in wood barrels on salt. After work, he always went to the cellar, eat one fish directly from the salt and drink one glass of the queen malvasia. We want to keep this tradition…”