Pre Raw Wine with the Winemakers (Free Tasting)

By Cantine Sant´Ambroeus
12/05/2018 - 3-5 pm

The Store, Raw Wine Fair and the natural wine have always been a special relationship.

The concept for the event should be an “easy”one:
one or two tables, three winemakers, Massimiliano by Marina Palusci, Maria Pia Castelli and the team of Valdibella and a member of Cantine Sant´Ambroeus.
The wines, and the glasses for the people that want to try and understand the wine, porring questions, getting into a dialogue with the winemakers itself.
Two hours, not more, without obstacles and intesive.
The costumers- the wine- the winemakers.
That´s it.

A bit on the 3 winemakers:

Massimiliano of Marina Palusci, is a shining star and a pioneer of natural wines in Italy. His wines and extra virgin olive oil power some of the best restaurants in the world, including Osteria Francescana (Modena – Italy), Ekstedt (Stockholm – Sweden) Fare Cibo (Vicenza – Italy), and more.

Maria Pia Castelli offers fine wines produced by hand, with taste and good results, in perfect union between tradition and innovation. The company was founded in 1999 by the passion and expert hands of Maria Pia’s father, Erasmo Castelli, with the precise intention of producing high quality wines. Since then, the company, led by Maria Pia and her husband Enrico Bartoletti, has been able to achieve very high quality standards within a few years, establishing itself in the national and international market as one of the most famous in the panorama of Piceno wines.

Valdibella is a community of growers who share the same vision: to express the best side of their territory, to offer their best production and to give their best for young people in difficulties.
Valdibella: a unique and sustainable project where all human and natural resources find their real development.