Off RAW Wine with Vinyes Singulars

By Motif Wein
11/05/2018 - 18:00 - 00:00

Hello everybody,

We are very excited to be hosting an event series before and after

RAW WINE Berlin, this is a perfect time to meet in person some of our winemakers, get to know them, talk and drink more of their delicious grape juice!

Friday 11th Vinyes Singulars (Catalonia)

If you have been a regular at the shop you probably remember the orange macabeu “drier than a garlic”

Saturday 12th Cacique Maravilla (Chile)

“Winemaking is the most important activity for me and it’s natural way of production that I have observed forever.”

Monday 14th Ein Abend mit Johannes Zillinger and Michael Wenzel (Austria)

In collaboration with Weinerwachen will be throwing a perfect after RAW WINE event with this 2 winemakers and delicious tacos by our friends from Tlaxcalli !!