Meet the Maker: Noel Diaz of Purity

By The Wine Bottega
11/01/2018 - 6-8PM

Noel Diaz is another one of these path untraveled kindof winemakers that started their professional life on an altogether different track. For Noel, it was film that led him to needing a ‘day job’ that led him to restaurants. Little by little he found himself captivated by wine and its unrelenting, unanswerable questions. This is a one man show in every sense extending from all the vital cellar work to label design and printing and incredibly gentle bottling by hand. Noel is focused on affordability and so his wines are all well priced and engaging.  He’s a very exploratory guy and though some elements are calcified: whole cluster ferments/ presses, Northern Californian material, all organic farming since 2016, never blocks malolactic conversion. These wines are made in crazy small lots but without the ‘preciousness’ that usually accompanies such itty bitty scales (25-150 cases…) These aren’t awesome ’cause they’re mind boggling space juice or the most freakishly refined thing imaginable. They’re special because of their humility and life force. Noel captures the sentiment contained in fellow winemaker Freddi Torres’ notion of ‘bottling emotion’ and we couldn’t be happier to get them in your hands.

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