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Meet the Maker: Niklas of Meinklang

By The Wine Bottega
08/11/2018 - 6-8PM

Chances are you’ve had us try to throw a bottle of this producers wines at you over the past couple years. They’re a winery in Burgenland Austria serious about biodynamics, and they are a huge farm fully embracing it right up to raising a ton of cows. THEY HAVE SO MANY COWS! Maybe it’s why they have a cow on the front of almost every bottle of wine they make. If you know some of the principle practices in biodynamics you’ll understand the importance of having farm animals, and also using cow horns in certain treatments. Their farm is a paradise of balance and sustainability and is almost an entirely closed circuit system. They even have ‘insect hotels’ over the grounds. It’s all about preserving and enhancing life, so get ready to taste some nurtured natured goodness. Niklas came a couple years ago and he is a charming pro, ready to talk to you about anything and everything related to Meinklang, wine, and maybe other stuff? But probably he’s gunna want to talk about wine.