Meet the Maker: Lidia and Paolo of Rocco di Carpeneto

By The Wine Bottega
11/02/2018 - 5-8PM

There’s an old adage out there that goes something like: “may your spouse oppose you in exactly the right ways.”  Husband and wife winemakers Paolo and Lidia of Rocco di Carpeneto so completely exemplify this idea of counterbalance.  Spend five minutes talking with them and you’re struck by the juxtaposition: where Paolo’s zany aesthetics and professorial ramblings suggest the ethereal, Lidia’s bursting warmth belies her mathic precision, her groundedness.

Tired of the ardors of Milan’s uninspiring financial sector, the two endeavored to claim a scrap of viticultural paradise all their own. It was paramount that they find themselves in a region without champions and so they settled on a wee 5 hectares of old vineyard in the near coastal, wind struck Ovada DOCG. Their wines are exercises in brinksmanship, dancing at the knife’s edge of acidity. Sounds intense but these guys are pros, they understand the balancing act and you find yourself animated by it: like a cheeky high wire act you’re freed from the earth without leaving your seat.

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