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Masterclass with Branko Čotar / Slovenia

By The NO name
30/11/2019 - 13:15

Once in a while we are able to travel to such special places like we found it @ branko´s  winery. His warm welcome and lovely guidance thru his cellar was unique and very surprising for us. He was passionate about every single detail he showed to us and his wines represented a clear picture of the slovenien tradition and landscape. During this visit myself was thinking about that we need to show this for a bigger public and I’m happy about that branko was willing to do it in our restaurant.

Of course this will be a very limited event, but we cannot miss it just because of this. We going to send out some invitations for professionals only. I’m really sorry about.

We will run across his current vintages and having some older too.

It will start @ 13:15 for aprox. 2 hours