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London Gastronomy Seminars presents ‘Farming, Fermentation, and Flavour: Wine, Cheese, Bread, and Coffee’ – featuring GRAVNER

By Raeburn Fine Wines
07/03/2019 - 7pm-9pm

London Gastronomy Seminars presents ‘Farming, Fermentation, and Flavour: Wine, Cheese, Bread, and Coffee’

7-9 PM, Thursday 7th March 2019, e5 Bakehouse395 Mentmore Terrace, London E8 3PH

This season marks the tenth anniversary of the London Gastronomy Seminars. This tasting and panel discussion is an opportunity for us to reflect on some of the key themes that have shaped our discussion of food and drink over the last decade.

We are delighted to have assembled a panel of practitioners who will look at both the specifics of their own industries, and also the wider parallels and connections between all of these agricultural products. What does it mean to farm for flavour? Can we taste sustainability? How can we use processing to uncover the unique properties of raw materials?

About the speakers:

James Hoffmann is chairman of Square Mile Coffee Roasters. He wrote The World Atlas of Coffee, writes He was World Barista Champion 2007, UK Barista competition 2006 and 2007.

Mateja Gravner is the public face of GRAVNER, a cult family winery in Italy’s Collio where she grew up. Her father Josko was one of the people who re-introduced maceration of white grapes, as well as terracotta vessels, at top quality level in Europe in the mid 1990s. She will be joined by David Harvey of long-term UK importer, Raeburn Fine Wines, who named the orange wine genre whilst working for a Gravner disciple in 2004.

Ben Mackinnon opened e5 Bakehouse in Hackney in 2011, expanding to farming and milling wheat, roasting coffee. He read Conservation Biology then worked in sustainability, before studied sourdough baking at the School of Artisan Food. In 2015 e5 hosted the ‘Farm to Loaf’ symposium, covering genetics, farming, milling and baking.

Bronwen Percival is cheese buyer for Neal’s Yard Dairy, co-founded, convenes the biennial Conference on the Science of Artisan Cheese, chairs UK Specialist Cheesemakers’ Association Technical Committee, co-authored Reinventing the Wheel: Milk, Microbes, and the Fight for Real Cheese.

The seminar will be hosted by Francis Percival, Food Editor of The World of Fine Wine, co-author of Reinventing the Wheel, co-founder of London Gastronomy Seminars.