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By Proper Natural Wine
13/03/2018 - 19:30

We’re having our first WINE PARTY and you’re invited.
Come and taste proper natural orange wine from where it all started 8000 years ago. One of our fav Georgian winemakers will be taking us through his juice and we’ll be serving up plenty of Georgian sharing plates courtesy of New East pop-up Mishki Food. Their Georgian dumplings are actually better than the real deal over there, FYI.
Tickets are £37.50 and include 4 tastings (big ones / basically a glass it’s Georgia) and plenty of snacks throughout the evening.
You can’t get this wine in the UK 
You’ll learn stuff about OG orange wine
You’ll meet an actual Georgian winemaker
You’ll taste grapes you haven’t had before
You’ll be drinking 100% natural all night
You can brag about being at our first event to your mates
Khinkali (Georgian dumplings) w/ meat or potato
Khachapuri (cheese pie) w/ beet tops
Aubergine rolls w/ garlic, walnut and herbs
Mushrooms w/ tarragon pesto and ricotta on sourdough
Roasted beetroot skewer w/ tkemali (Georgian plum sauce)