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California Fire Recovery Fundraiser

We have teamed up with Tabula Rasa Bar for a "California Fire Recovery Fundraiser", as part of #rawwineweek. So come join us for an apero and a bite to eat before you start...

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Understanding Fine Cider

Good cider is a much greater rarity than good wine – J.M. Trowbridge, New York, 1890 Cider at it’s simplest, is nothing but juice and time. Yet while…

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Limited Edition Letterpress Print!

To celebrate this year’s fair, we’ve commissioned a very special limited edition print. This A3 poster has been hand typeset using vintage wood and metal type and letterpress printed in…

Natural Wine News, Stories from the community

Our Friends in Chile

For the past couple of weeks Chile has been ravaged by wildfire. Many farmers have fought for the survival of their farms and homes. Below is a letter we received yesterday,...

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Photo Diary & Visitors Numbers – RAW WINE Berlin 2016

Our second edition of RAW WINE Berlin turned out to be just as much fun as the first. The lovely Markthalle Neun was in full festive spirit, looking cheerfully Christmassy,...

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If you are in Berlin this weekend, check out the amazing list of winemaker dinners, parties and general brilliantness that is going on around the fair. Nobelhart & Schmutzig by Billy...

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