RAW WINE’s Big Boat Appeal

RAW WINE reaches out for help. ♯BigBoatAppeal

Photo credit: Michel Floch, TOWT

Sail away, sail away, sail away…

OK, it’s not quite the Orinoco Flow. (For a start, the stretch of the French Atlantic coast and English channel that the Fée de l’Aulne will be sailing is much windier and colder than one would expect the Columbian/Venezuelan river delta to be).

Regardless, we’re still incredibly excited. We’ve teamed up with the TransOceanic Wind Transport company (TOWT) who specialize in wind-powered shipping. They’re going to take the wines for RAW WINE to the high seas (and up the Thames ) and deliver them to us in the heart of central London, in a wonderfully Carbon neutral(-ish) manner.

There is one slight problem though.

We need to fill the hold.

At present there is wine (obviously) and salt (and potentially some Breton vegetables) onboard. But we still need more. We’re looking for somewhere in the region of one hundred pallets (spread across the two journeys). So we need your help. Can you forward this to anyone you know who imports or might like to import things from France, or Europe more generally?

For more details, check out our BIG BOAT APPEAL web page

For all appeal mentions on twitter, use: ♯BigBoatAppeal


Did you know…

…that conventional shipping accounts for some 3.5% of all global carbon emissions? That’s more than all the planes that fly put together.

…that 10% of the world’s sulphur dioxide emissions are caused by conventional shipping? Those are the emissions that cause acid rain.

…that the death of working sail in Britain was a deliberate decision to give preference to road transport?

To find out more, why not have a read of our “Why Sail“.

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